Symbols stir us for their deep meanings in our lives. The same is true for logos, like our special St. James logo. Do you know what it represents?

The circular shape of our logo represents the circle of friendships as brothers and sisters in Christ, in our church family. It also represents the world that God loves and calls us into. The flames at the bottom remind us of the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit, providing warmth in our shared life and ministry. The descending dove displays the Holy Spirit filling us with his power, love and Kingdom mission. At the center of our logo and church is the cross of Jesus Christ. It is there that the finished work of Jesus for the salvation of the world was accomplished, and is now empty, offering resurrection life to all who place their trust in Him.

Our St. James logo is a wonderful depiction of the Gospel that we celebrate until Jesus returns. We pray it will remind you of God’s infinite love for you.